Brian Sankarsingh is a Trinidadian-born Canadian immigrant who describes himself as an accidental poet, with a passion for advocacy and a penchant for prose. Arriving in Canada in the 1980s, Brian worked tirelessly to forge a life and career for himself. In so doing, he inadvertently shrouded his love for poetry. Now, with his children all grown up, he has rediscovered his voice.

With renewed vigour and an unapologetic style, Sankarsingh is committed to maddeningly screaming his poetic ponderings from whatever rooftop or soapbox he can find. Wading into controversial topics like systemic racism and politics, Sankarsingh’s readers should think about his poetry as social and political commentary.


A Sliver of a Chance

This inaugural poetic journey unapologetically delves into the heart of the most challenging issues facing our world today. Plunge into this thought-provoking exploration of political intrigue as Brian Sankarsingh takes on the traumatizing and divisive topics of systemic racism, colonialism, and Black Lives Matter.

This book of poetry provides discerning insights into the struggles faced by the most vulnerable people in Canadian society. The trials and tribulations of Black people, people of colour, immigrants, and people suffering from mental health and addiction all find their voices here.

A Sliver Of A Chance.jpg
Notebook and Pen

Brian Sankarsingh

My humanity does not take second place to my status as an immigrant. I was human before coming to this place.

On the surface many things may make me different but like you, I belong to the human race.  

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