• Brian Sankarsingh

For Sam

Devilishly funny,

His witty comebacks

Draw us into

His comical web.

The wrinkles on this time worn face,

Tells stories of a life,

well lived,

well accustomed to laughter.

A heart,

open to possibilities,

willing to be captured.

His once shrewd mind slightly dulled

by a memory stealing syndrome still manages,

to conceive razor sharp comebacks and friendly banter.

He makes me wonder about the storehouse of memories

he could spend countless hours recounting.

A veteran of war and life,

of pain and strife. A warrior,

who took all that life could throw at him

and gave back his weight in gold.

How, I wonder, should I end this poem?

Can any writer ever really capture the fullness of such a life?

For ending on a good note seems banal.

yet ending on a bad one too cliché.

Endings are so over rated anyways…

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