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Reds sing the Blues


I’ve been acquitted, exonerated, vindicated, exculpated

Your impeachment doesn’t have a thing on me.

I’m the POTUS with the MOSTUS, Man of the Moment, Dude of the Decade,

Loved by all classes upper, lower and even the bourgeoisie.

Now comes reelection, selection, another four years

Guess who’ll be behind the podium, right hand in the air?

I know that this hurts you, cry me a river of tears

It’s not going your way, but see if I care.

I’ll be back wheelin’ and dealin’ and great walls a buildin’

Making America so great, yah again.

You’ll be back with your yippin’ and yappin’

This time around, they will give me free rein.


He’s been acquitted, exonerated, vindicated – is there no relief?

Damnit will we never be rid of this man

He’s still the POTUS, head of the Government, Commander in Chief

This feels like a horror movie featuring the Klan.

Mountains of evidence, articulated arguments did not budge them

The spineless sycophants did what they were told

Collectively, unanimously did Democracy condemn

Only concerned by their power stranglehold.

He’ll be back wheelin’ and dealin;’ building only walls

Destroying our country, belittling our standards

So we better not screw up, avoid the pitfalls

Let’s pray this time we nominate, that guy, Bernie Sanders.

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