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The Conservative Right and their Saviour Complex

The Conservative Right in America has a saviour complex. As the American political landscape becomes more fractured and polarized, the Conservative right has emerged with a new and improved religious ideology that has an eerie focus on signs and portents, religious trappings and most worrisome, a non-doctrinal saviour\redeemer complex. This new world order religion mimics Christianity but only on a very superficial level. Whilst many who consistently vote Conservative might vociferously protest such a statement, there is little doubt that the party and its political ideology say something different.

This version of Christianity went through many stages before getting to its current form. First it corrupted Biblical teaching by adopting a “name it and claim it” new world philosophy. Their Jesus wants them to be fabulously rich, pain and disease free and giddily happy. If they’re not any of those things, it means their faith is not adequate. Yet, they need not fear as this is easily remedied by buying trinkets, holy water or even anointed oil and donating to the ministry of their favourite church. The more they donate, they more they might receive. Their money supplants their faith. If they don’t have much money, then they just need to work harder to make some so that they can give to receive. Often, they’re even encouraged to go into debt if necessary – because their god promised.

They further usurped and distorted Christian ideology from one that was loving and accepting into one that focuses on judgment and condemnation. Jesus in Christianity said, “love your neighbour like you love yourself,” but they read between the lines and understood the context to be instead “love your neighbour on if he is like yourself, otherwise feel free to wipe him off the face of the earth.” The Christian Bible says, “so whatever you wish that others do to you, do also to them,” however in their context it’s “do unto others before they ever have a chance to do unto you.”

They stopped looking to the heavens for a returning redeemer, instead focusing on men who aligned with their distorted philosophies as being “sent by god” to rescue them. This represented the last piece of the puzzle. In old school Christianity, they had been waiting two thousand years for Jesus Christ the Redeemer to return, condemn all sinners and take them to heaven. After many false world ending and redeemer returning prophesies, they grew tired of waiting and decided to play their god’s hand for him. Enter Donald Trump – a man with a questionable history of - well everything. Yet it can be argued, who better, in this age of liberal and secular sin, to be the hand of god than a sinner? Jesus was the sinless Son of God; Trump is the sinner gifted with the anointing of god. Turns out the answer to the question “what’s the best gift to give the man who has everything?” is divinity. Who knew?

With religious imagery apropos to this level of religious fanaticism Donald Trump continues to hold sway over these christians and their political party. All of this while portraying their political opponents as evil, wicked and satanic whilst depicting their struggle for political power just and moral. If you experience a feeling of déjà vu while reading this, then you’re not alone. There are other zealous religious fanatics in other parts of the world doing the same thing right now

At one time, the United States was seen as the bastion of freedom, the defender of human rights, and the stronghold of democracy. Other free and democratic countries lined up behind them. Now they’re leading the way into religio-fascism; developing their own unique blend of Christian mythos, steeped in authoritarian and fascist ideology. This ideology holds no place for Jesus’ love, instead it seeks swift and deadly judgment, demands unbridled power, and claims moral supremacy while doing so.

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