• Brian Sankarsingh

The Mastery of Lies

Title provided by Roberta Shaffer

Lies are like mazes with twists and with turns Filled with pits and mysterious caverns.

Labyrinthine innuendos to baffle the mind Lies that confuse and lies that spellbind.

Falsehoods like serpents with venomous fangs Not just in tweets but in lengthy harangues. Flickering tongue tasting the fruit of its toil Lies everywhere as the serpent uncoils.

Who can we trust to tell us what’s true? Can we ever find honesty in this deceitful milieu? It truth even a thing that we need anymore? Is this the age of the provocateur?

If everything is false unless I believe There is no real truth to test the lies that we weave What kind of impact does this have on our future? Will this not tear our society asunder?

Words aren’t just words and I hope you agree They are still now as they were anciently. Words can overthrow despicable tyrants. Words are the things that give power to peasants.

Truth must be tested through discourse and debate, No single person can ever dictate For the truth by its nature is owned by all people, This is how we defeat everything that’s deceitful.

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