• Brian Sankarsingh

The Pugilist

The deafening roar

Of the crowd 

Heats up my blood

Adrenaline burning 

Through every cell

Muscles relaxed 

Hardened springs with 

Jaw breaking power

Waiting to explode

Hands and knuckles 

Covered with ass-whopping leather

I hear my name

Amidst thundering applause

“In the red corner...”

Months of training

Barrels of sweat

Beating bags, people, 


All leading to this moment. 

Suddenly the 

Quiet stillness

Breaks into the cacophony 

Weapons at the ready







Working together 

A violent ballet 

Synchronized and


Together we plunge

Into the depths of human despair 

And soar to

Heights of the unconquerable 

A battle of minds among 


Warfare of wits among


Belligerent intelligence 

Biting into pain

Yielding to gain

If iron sharpens iron

What does bone do to muscles

Or brains?

It's about blood and sweat my dear

Testing oneself against another

Hurting the woman

You once called sister

Finally to hear

"...and still champion of the world"

echoing along the chambers

Of my broken soul

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