• Brian Sankarsingh

The Rise and Fall of Hatred

History’s dustbin is where

You belong.

Among the discarded, destroyed

And dismantled things.




That you see

Is where you should be.

You drove the daggers

Of your hateful and

Wicked thoughts into

The heart and minds

Of the people. Like

Butter their hypocrisy fell away

And they too began

To inflate

Your insipid brand of hate.

The meek was left to inherit

The earth that you

Gleefully scorched. While mercy

Wrung her hands helplessly

Pining as the

Righteous persecuted those they

Deemed sinful.

Let it burn. Build the wall.

Make it great. That is all.

Lady Liberty mourns the loss

Of equality and equity.

The torch used to light the way

Now consumes immigrant caravans.

Blind religion rules the day

Not mercy, nor love,

Nor kindness, nor compassion.

Fuck the widow and the poor

We don’t need them coming here no more.

Then a phoenix stirs among

The ashes. Downtrodden

Not trodden down

Rising brightly, ever slowly

We are all just sinners here

We cast no judgement

We lay no blame

Come experience our humanity

Escape the rising insanity

But brother, I can see no colour

Oh but you should for it exists

And it persists

Forcing me to lofty actions

In a game where the rules

Convict me

Rules designed to make me lose.

My only sin is

My melanin.

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