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What do immigrants really want?

Originally published on October 29, 2021 -

Every immigrant has a story to tell, and each of those stories are intricately bound into the fabric of Canada’s history. This marvellous tapestry of colour and diversity comprise some of the ingredients that create a better society.

Contrary to what some people believe, immigrants are not here to steal jobs or live freely off the system. Most immigrants want exactly what you want. They want safe communities, happy families and fulfilled lives. Their skin colour may be different. Their culture and dress may seem peculiar. Their language and accent may be distinctive. But their charity, compassion and humanity are the same.

This poem was written to celebrate the boundless joy that an immigrant feels upon arriving safely in Canada. As you read this poem, reflect on the impact the words “Welcome to Canada” might have. Fleeing violence, uncertainty and possibly even death, this immigrant finds a place to call home. A place that accepts them for who they are. A place where they can be free of fear. Imagine the rush of emotions on hearing those words.

"Welcome to Canada”

Said the man at Immigration

As tears flow freely from my eyes

No more cowering in darkness

Fearful of violence

My children now free to enjoy

All that life has to offer


Watching over their shoulder

Or cowering in constant fear

“Welcome to Canada”

Hello, freedom,

Seldom have I tasted such sweetness

To go and come as I please


Terror or fright or dread

Rid those fears from my head

In this true North, strong and free

I’m beginning to feel I could succeed

Hesitatingly I think,

May I can dream again


Caution or vigilance or fright

Stepping from darkness into the light

“Welcome to Canada”

Said the man at Immigration

Does he really understand

The meaning of those words?

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